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Train for IT Skills or Pass an Exam

Choosing the right Certification for IT Workers and Apprentices. Train for IT Skills or Train to Pass an exam?

Often the perception in IT is, if you want to gain some form of certification via Microsoft, you need to sit a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) exam, (for those of you with Microsoft Partnerships it goes without saying that you have to) and those of you who have sat these exams, will know your knowledge will be stretched to the hilt, as to pass the exam will require you to have a very in-depth knowledge of both current and legacy technologies.

Of course this is all very understandable, as the perception is, if you need to know more about Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange, HTML or any other technology, you attend one of the Microsoft Professional courses, which is titled Windows 2012 Server or SQL Server 2012, which will give you the knowledge to understand the technology but will not give you the knowledge to pass the exam.

The reality is once you have attended your Microsoft professional course and obtained your very large set of coursenotes, you will find that you will only use a small amount of the knowledge taught as your particular business infrastructure only requires certain aspects, but as you have attended the course, why not sit the exam?   

It is this point we have identified as the “grey area” when it comes to certification and passing an exam, we know you will not pass the MCITP exam, if your scenario matches the above. It’s not that you do not understand the technology, it is because you do not have enough exposure to the various elements required to pass the exam, so rather than throwing yourself into an uphill battle, what about giving yourself a chance and looking at the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) curriculum.

The MTA curriculum has been designed as an entry level curriculum with exams based on the fundamentals of the technology, rather than needing to know the specifics, this curriculum also acts as a pre-requisite for the MCITP exams.  

When studying for any certification or exam you have work, family and life to juggle, so why not give yourself the best chance!    

Detailed below are the Microsoft Technology Associate certification (MTA) and the CompTIA professional certifications, these certifications are all about teaching the foundation knowledge of a technology before being taught the how to use the specific technology.


Microsoft MTA

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals      
Networking Fundamentals
Security Fundamentals
Database Fundamentals

Software Development Fundamentals
HTML5 App Development Fundamentals
Software Testing Fundamentals : This is a free online Video from Microsoft

Interconnecting Network Devices 1 (ICND1)
Interconnecting Network Devices 2 (ICND2)
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)


CompTIA - Vendor Neutral

A+ Foundation  - Introduction to Hardware & Software
CyberSecurity Analyst+


All the above courses are attached to a certification and the majority offer pre-requisite knowledge to the mainstream Microsoft Professional exams such as MCP, MCTIP, ICND and CCNA.

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